Lyndon Renaud

Programmer • Developer • Problem Solver

About Me

I am a fifth year student at the University of Windsor, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. I am interested in exploring the fields of Software Engineering, Full-Stack Development, Algorithms, and Computer Science in general.


My favorite tools for version control, code editing, and container orchestration.


My favorite languages for systems programming, web automation, and data analysis.


My preferred technologies for back-end web programming and database architecture.


My preferred technologies for front-end web development.

Featured Projects

Video Sharing Website


I designed and developed a website for people to upload and share high quality videos with ease. It uses Django for the backend with HTML5, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript for the frontend. The site is hosted on Heroku and uses a Google Cloud Storage bucket to store videos.

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Maximum matching in a tree

Bipartite Graph Maximum Matching Finder


I created a C++ program that finds a maximum matching in a given bipartite graph. The program iteratively finds and flips augmenting paths until no more exist. I also wrote a Python program to visualize the matching found in the graph using GraphViz.

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COVID-19 Risk App

COVID-19 Risk App


I worked in a team to develop a prototype of an online service which allows people to check if they have been near anyone carrying COVID-19. With Google Maps' Geocoding API, users can easily search for places they have visited and asses their risk of exposure. The project is hosted as a React app on Google Cloud Platform. The backend is written in PHP with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript & React for the frontend.

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Spotify Icon

Local Playlist to Spotify Converter

I developed a Python program that converts a playlist file to a Spotify playlist. Using the Mutagen API, song tags are matched against the Spotify database. A Spotify playlist is created with the matched songs which is then saved to the user's library.

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